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This is a beautiful dress - ordered 2 for my granddaughters - the pictures did not do them justice - they are way prettier in person - love love these dresses!!!!!!!
- Sandra in TX

My daughter has slept with this Carter's Snuggle Buddy non-stop for the past 14 months, it has been washed dozens of times and has seen plenty of stains and spills. Every time it comes out of the wash it bounces back for more action. Quick delivery too!
- Anna in IL

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Grandparent Memory Book

Grandparent Gift - A Grandparent's Memory Book

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A Grandparent's Memory Book - real questions asked by grandkids of all ages. Wonderful gift idea for the new grandparents. Hardcovered journal can become a legacy for future generations. This book is funny, insightful and curious, the questions alone make lively reading and provide the catalyst for valuable discussion. Some of the questions posed by grandkids of all ages include...
  • What was a typical school day like as a child? What time did you get up? Any chores?
  • What is your worst and best memory of high school?
  • How did you and Grandma/Grandpa meet each other?
  • When did you buy your first house?
  • Do you miss anything that is no longer available now?
  • Did you want your child to raise your grandkid the same way that you raised them? Why or why not?

120 pages of questions and photographs to be enjoyed and treasured by all. Grandparents can answer each question in the spaces provided based on their own memories and experiences.

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