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This is a beautiful dress - ordered 2 for my granddaughters - the pictures did not do them justice - they are way prettier in person - love love these dresses!!!!!!!
- Sandra in TX

My daughter has slept with this Carter's Snuggle Buddy non-stop for the past 14 months, it has been washed dozens of times and has seen plenty of stains and spills. Every time it comes out of the wash it bounces back for more action. Quick delivery too!
- Anna in IL

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My Grandma's Smile Grandpa's Smile Poetry Black Frame

My Grandma's Smile Grandpa's Smile Poetry Black Frame

Item #: grandma-grandpa-smile-black-frame
Regular Price:$21.99

An 8" x 8" black frame for counter top or wall use. Colorful artwork and a place for a favorite 4" x 4" photograph. Please make Grandma or Grandpa selection from the drop down menu. Poems read:

My Grandma's Smile
Cradled in your arms, your smile shone down on me.
Wrapped in your love, I knew who you must be...
Your smile bragged to all, how you loved me so.
Each time you spoke my name, your face wore a Grandma's glow.
Your smile is my welcome mat, we greet in shared delight.
We play like pals for hours, parting hugs are teary-eyed and tight.
Your smile is the icing, that makes my young life sweet.
Snacking cake before dinner, secret bedtimes are our treat.
Your smile is my sunshine even on a rainy day.
You find each ray of happiness, fading frowns away.
You've given me a treasure, a way to hold you close.
Your smile and all it brings, will be what I remember most.

My Grandpa's Smile
Your first smile said to me, all there was to know.
I was in my Grandpa's heart,and he was never letting go.
Your smile was full of pride, as you held my little hand.
You were there to welcome me, your newest, biggest fan.
Your smile is my magic wand, making laughs and fun appear.
There is no ordinary day, when my Grandpa's near.
Your smile is my secret pal, spreading mischief ear to ear.
Full of silly pranks and jokes for the two of us to hear.
Your smile is my hero, reflecting tales of days gone by.
Like walking miles to school and shoveling snow a story high.
All my life I'll keep with me, memories of us two,
and how lucky I have been, to have a Grandpa smile like you.

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