Carter’s Snuggle Buddies Security Blanket Animals

Carter's&#174 Snuggle Buddy Security Blankets
Carter’s® Snuggle Buddies…perfect for little hands. Super soft on one side – satiny smooth on the other. Below is our current selection of snuggle buddies. We have tried to be as descriptive as possible, giving you color, stitched text or design, year debuted, etc for each style. If you have any questions, please email before making your selection. Please note that Carter’s® discontinues or retires their snuggle buddies every 6 months and introduces new styles. We carry the current styles and a few of the discontinued ones – until our stock runs out. If you are new to Snuggle Buddies, consider buying 2-3 of a particular style to keep as back-ups. For those who have had snuggle buddies in the past, you know how they can become a baby’s most precious security blanket. Once a style has been discontinued, you will not likely find it anywhere else. The newest styles will be listed first. Currently all below snuggle buddy styles come with rattles.