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This is a beautiful dress - ordered 2 for my granddaughters - the pictures did not do them justice - they are way prettier in person - love love these dresses!!!!!!!
- Sandra in TX

My daughter has slept with this Carter's Snuggle Buddy non-stop for the past 14 months, it has been washed dozens of times and has seen plenty of stains and spills. Every time it comes out of the wash it bounces back for more action. Quick delivery too!
- Anna in IL

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Baby Poetry Frames

Baby Girl / Baby Boy Poetry Frame - GIRL ONLY

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Two sided white baby frames. One side holds a 5" x 7" baby photograph and the other holds a beautiful poem. Poetry reads:

Sweet Baby Boy
A new baby boy, so tiny and sweet,
Makes hearts overflow and life complete.
From the time he is just hours old,
You feel his charm and spirit unfold.

There will be jammies and blankets of blue,
Overalls, teddies and adorable shoes.
There will be trucks and all kinds of toys,
Clanging and banging and all kinds of noise.

There will be chubby legs to chase,
Blocks to build and cars to race.
There will be handprints on walls and doors,
There will be dirt and messes galore.

Hold his hands, memorize his face,
Savor his kisses, remember his embrace.
Delight in his giggles, join in his fun,
Tuck him in tight when each day is done.

A baby boy is a dream come true,
Life's greatest miracle given to you.
Fill your days will all the joy,
Brought to you by your bundle of boy.

Sweet Baby Girl
A new baby girl makes hearts complete,
So precious her life, so tiny and sweet.
Cradling her close within your arms,
Touched by her undeniable charms.

There will be frilly ribbons, and bows,
Donning her blankets and adorable clothes.
There will be bunnies and cuddly brown bears,
A table set with teacups and chairs.

There will be storybooks and play dishes,
Dolls to mother with bottles and kisses.
There will be tippy toe twirls and spins,
Endless giggles and silly grins.

Hold her hand and kiss her face,
Snuggle and cuddle, and embrace.
Memorize her little girl ways,
Be thankful for her every day.

A baby girl is a fairytale come true,
A precious gift given to you.
Heavenly joy sent from above,
A baby girl now yours to love.

** All poetry text is copyrighted and cannot be used for personal use.

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