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Baby Shower Decorating Ideas

Itís finally time to start planning the baby shower of a new mom-to-beís dreams! It sounds stressful, doesnít it? We promise that it doesnít have to be when you employ any one of our effortless and fun ideas!

Before you get started, youíll need to know if youíre planning for a baby boy or girl. If mom and dad have decided to keep the sex of the baby a surprise until its birth, then youíll want to plan gender neutral activities and crafts. Also, just because you are planning a baby shower for a little boy or girl, it doesnít mean you have to choose an extra masculine or feminine theme! Itís totally acceptable to plan a Breakfast at Tiffanyís baby shower with masculine touches here and there.

There are a few key things youíll want to include at every baby shower, whether youíre planning an Under the Sea event or Day at the Zoo. A small menu of híourderves, drinks, and cake are necessity. You can also substitute cupcakes or cake pops if youíre not interested in serving traditional cake.

Donít forget to plan at least two small, fun activities for baby shower guests. A few of our favorite games are Guess My Belly Size, where attendees will give their estimates for the size of momís belly in inches followed by an actual measurement. We also love the idea of picking up a few packages of diapers (Newborn, Size 1, etc.) and asking guests to write notes for parents to find amid stressful, middle of the night diaper changes. This is a great activity that guests can do throughout the party. Another fun game is melting different candy bars in the microwave and emptying the contents into various diapers and asking guests to guess the contents. Youíll want to pick up a small prize for the winner of each game.

Lastly, if the parents are not accepting gifts, offer guests the option of bringing a donation of diapers, formula, clothes and other baby items to donate to a local womenís shelter.

A few of our favorite baby shower themes:

  • Book Worm

    We love this idea for momís that are complete bookworms. Itís super easy to decorate for too! Gather copies of momís favorite books to arrange on tables throughout the party. If youíre feeling extra crafty, buy construction paper and twine from a local craft store to create paper books, stars, moons and other whimsical elements. Arrange each piece on the twine and hang each string at overlapping and various lengths. You can also add dainty pieces of ribbon in baby pink or blue.

  • Breakfast at Tiffanyís

    This is the perfect baby shower for a chic mom-to-be and itís simple to achieve! Youíll want to accent tables and counter tops with plastic or glass diamond-like jewels and pearls as well as decorate the party in iconic tiffany blue, black and white. Use hanging paper lanterns, streamers and other traditional baby shower decorating elements to highlight other surfaces at the party. If you have access to silver pedestals, use them to arrange food onto tables.

  • Dad-to-be-B-Que

    Donít forget about Dad during pre-baby festivities! A barbecue is a great time to honor a new dad in a fun, casual, and non-stressful way. You can plan to host the event at home, or nearby park or beach pavilion. We suggest serving ribs or hamburgers and hotdogs and asking guests to bring side dishes for a pot-luck event! Bring equipment for a fun game of volleyball, corn hole, horseshoes or croquet. Donít forget to pick dad up a fun diaper tool belt from our online store!