Grand Parents Gifts

A special handkerchief for Mom or Dad to announce the news that you are expecting. Mom’s hankie is white cotton with a white lace border. Lace patterns will vary. Dad’s hankie is a men’s white cotton hankie. Packaged in a clear-top gift box fastened with a satin ribbon. Poetry reads…

A Hankie for Dad

You know I love you, Dad.
You know I think the world of you.
I am giving you this hankie,
Because I have some news.
You are such a perfect parent.
You are my shining star.
I hope I can follow you,
And be half the parent that you are.
If you should need to wipe a tear,
This hankie is here for you.
You see, the news I’m telling you,
I’m going to be a parent too.

Congratulations, Grandpa!!!

A Hankie for Mom

You know I love you, Mom.
You know I think the world of you.
I am giving you this hankie,
Because I have some news.
You are such a perfect parent.
You are my shining star.
I hope I can follow you,
And be half the parent that you are.
If you should need to wipe a tear,
This hankie is here for you.
You see, the news I’m telling you,
I’m going to be a parent too.

Congratulations, Grandma!!!

Daddy’s Tools of the Trade

Diaper Changing Daddy Tool Belt (available for Grandpa too)

“Often Imitated, Never Duplicated”!We are the manufacturer of this one-of-a-kind and highly original Daddy toolbelt. Beware of copycat Daddy toolbelt’s that offer lesser quality and value, often at a higher price. Why settle for less when you can have the original and best?

With the increased popularity of couples’ baby showers, there is always the dilemma of what to get the daddy. Worry no more… Daddy’s Tools of the Trade® Diaper Changing Daddy Tool Belt is the ideal gift which is practical, tasteful, and useful, yet will add that touch of humor.Your new Diaper Changing Daddy Tool Belt comes stuffed with the following twelve items:

  • diapers
  • diaper cream
  • diaper wipes
  • disposable changing pad
  • diaper pins
  • hand sanitizer
  • disposable scented diaper bags
  • baby powder
  • goggles
  • nose clip
  • gloves

There is even a bonus toy to distract the baby while Daddy is changing the diaper. All of these are conveniently located in one manly location. With this gift, Daddy will have NO excuse not to change the diapers!

Daddy’s Tools of the Trade® Diaper Changing Daddy Tool Belt comes packaged in an attractive custom gift box.Gift box dimensions are 17″ x 11″ x 2 1/2″.

Don’t delay in getting your new Dad or Grandpa in on the act!

Wholesale Inquiries Welcome

Best Baby Shower, Inc. is the sole manufacturer of Daddy’s Tools of the Trade®. We have been selling our Daddy toolbelts successfully in the retail market for over ten years. You will find this great gift idea to be successful in a variety of retail markets such as children’s boutiques, gift shops, gift basket companies, and hospitals. If you would like to carry Daddy’s Tools of the Trade® in your retail shop, please just send us an email with your name, company name, address, telephone number, and other pertinent information. At this time we are not accepting new wholesale customers that are on-line retailers. Wholesale inquiries are for Diaper Changing Daddy Tool Belt only. Thank you in advance for considering Daddy’s Tools of the Trade® and Best Baby Shower, Inc.

Carter’s Snuggle Buddies Security Blanket Animals

Carter's&#174 Snuggle Buddy Security Blankets
Carter’s® Snuggle Buddies…perfect for little hands. Super soft on one side – satiny smooth on the other. Below is our current selection of snuggle buddies. We have tried to be as descriptive as possible, giving you color, stitched text or design, year debuted, etc for each style. If you have any questions, please email before making your selection. Please note that Carter’s® discontinues or retires their snuggle buddies every 6 months and introduces new styles. We carry the current styles and a few of the discontinued ones – until our stock runs out. If you are new to Snuggle Buddies, consider buying 2-3 of a particular style to keep as back-ups. For those who have had snuggle buddies in the past, you know how they can become a baby’s most precious security blanket. Once a style has been discontinued, you will not likely find it anywhere else. The newest styles will be listed first. Currently all below snuggle buddy styles come with rattles.

Baby Clothing

Having a baby can be one of the most exciting times of our lives, but it is also one of the most stressful. Making sure your child is comfortable and stylish can be fun, but it can also be expensive. We have a wide selection of unique baby clothes and accessories at low prices to help you get everything you need to complete your child’s wardrobe without breaking the bank. Choose from boy’s and girl’s clothing options and find the perfect outfit for your little one.

You are certain to find something to love within our great selection. Our unique baby clothes will ensure your child looks adorable, while remaining comfortable. High quality cotton materials are soft on the skin and good at keeping your baby warm! They grow up fast, but that is no reason not to get a look your baby can be proud of! Order today and get the highest quality clothes at the best prices.

We have some of the cutest and most unique baby girl outfits available. We shopped around to bring you the best selection, come check these cuties out!

Our selection of baby boy clothes is as special as your little boy. These little outfits are sure to please with their fun and flare.

What little girl outfit isn’t complete without a little bow or a cute pair pink tights? Check out our great selection of baby girl accessories.

Our baby boy accessories are the perfect compliment to our outfits, they’re fun and unique.



New Mommy Gifts – New Daddy Gifts

Be sure to check out our great New Dad t-shirts, hats, picture frames and books! We also have some very unique new mom gifts for the expecting. Books, picture frames, and Spa Kits make wonderful gifts for the new Mommy! Get something to make this experience extra special and ensure you have great memories to last for years!

Our selection of new mom gifts and dad gifts ensures you can find something to put a smile on any new parent’s face – including your own! Get small favors for parties and showers or fun items that make for lasting memories for years to come. From fun items like baby coupons to picture frames and more, we have everything you need to make sure this experience is as special as it deserves!

Baby’s First Christmas

There is nothing like their first Christmas. Start this holiday off right and create a tradition that will bring happiness and joy to your little one year after year. This is one of the merriest times of the year and there is no reason your baby’s first Christmas cannot be as special as every other. We have a variety of items that will help get you in the celebrating mood and share this wonderful holiday with your little one every year.

Make memories with our baby’s first Christmas clothing, ornaments, stockings, picture frames and toys. All of our items are perfect for babies of any age and can help you achieve the Christmas spirit. You can order fully personalized stockings, picture frames, ornaments, and more to help make your items even more special. Get products that shine and make your baby the center of attention with great clothing and accessories, or get the perfect presents here!

Baby’s First Christmas Ornaments

Baby’s First handprint ornaments, photo ornaments and others that can be personalized.

Baby’s First Christmas Holiday Outfits / Clothing

For Baby’s 1st Christmas choose from Santa suits, reindeer outfits, Christmas sleepers, rompers or holiday gift sets.

Baby’s First Christmas Frames / Photo Albums

Remember baby’s first Christmas with these picture frames or photo albums – for baby and for parents.

Baby’s First Christmas Bibs, Booties, Stocking Stuffers

From bibs to booties we’ve got baby’s 1st Christmas covered with these great holiday items. Perfect for stocking stuffers!

Baby’s First Christmas Plush / Toys / Presents

Make Christmas special with these toys that celebrate baby’s first. From security blankets to teddy bears they will bring smiles and giggles all around.

New Mommy and Daddy’s First Christmas

Celebrate new parents with these fun ornaments for the new mommy and daddy.

Baby Shower Decorations and Tableware

Outfit your entire baby shower with the help of Best Baby Shower! We have a large selection of high-quality and affordable decorations, tableware, centerpieces, balloons and more for baby showers! We’re proud to offer several different baby shower decorations to coordinate with almost any theme or style including safari’s, bumblebees and traditional baby shower décor. We have beautiful diaper cake centerpieces to pull together baby shower tables as well as matching plates, cups, napkins and more! Don’t forget to buy mom a tiara or sash to wear during the baby shower! And if you need help planning an up and coming baby shower, pick up a copy of “The Everything Baby Shower Book” online now.

If you’re not sure where to start, use our helpful baby shower decorating guide and checklist for a stress-free event!

Baby Shower Tableware – Plates, Cups, Napkins, Invitations

Every party table needs a little dressing up. It’s easy to do with our great selection of themed baby shower tableware. Check out these great cups, napkins, plates and more!

Baby Shower Centerpieces / Table Decorations

We have a mix of great baby shower table decorations including centerpieces that are unique and fun, elegant and even whimsical. Check out these great baby shower decorations to add a little spark to your shower.

Baby Shower Cake / Cupcake Toppers, Candles, Decorations

Treat everyone to a beautiful surprise at an upcoming baby shower by adding a fun conversation piece to your cupcakes or cake with our toppers, candles and more!

New Mom / Mommy to Be Buttons, Corsages, Tiaras, Sashes, Guest and Advice Books

Make the new mommy to be feel special with these great baby shower new mommy accessories! From tiaras to sock corsages you can make her feel special.

Baby Shower Decorating Kits, Hanging Decorations, Balloons

Check out our selection of different decorations and kits for a wide variety of baby shower themes. You’ll find an array of hanging decorations, garland, balloons, flags, banners and more!

Baby Shower Checklist

It’s almost time for the baby shower! Do you have everything you need to pull off a great event? Use our official check list to cross-off important items from your to-do list before the big day! It will help eliminate unnecessary and added stress as well as save you time so that you can focus on more important things.

We’ve arranged our list into a timeline, so that’s easier and less stressful to follow:

8 to 10 Weeks before the Shower:

  1. The Party Host – Will there be just one host, or a group of co-hosts?
  2. Location – You’ll want to decide on a location after you know how many people you’re inviting. Also, if you’re planning an outdoor event, don’t forget to have a Plan B in case unruly weather strikes!
  3. Budget – Set a budget prior to planning! If you’re working with a group of co-hosts, determine what and how much everyone will contribute.
  4. Pick a Date – If you’re planning to host an event at a public place, call first to see which dates are available. Also, don’t forget to double check the proposed date with the mom and dad-to-be as well as the grandparents. It’s best to plan to have a baby shower a month to two months before the due date.
  5. Guest List – Decide if you’re inviting females only or if it’s a co-ed event. If you’re not planning a surprise event, run the guest list by the parents-to-be, this will ensure that no one is left off the list!

6 to 8 Weeks before the Shower:

  1. Pick a Theme – A theme isn’t necessary, but it’s highly recommended for an extra special event! Make sure to keep the mom-to-be’s personality and taste in mind. If the baby shower is not a surprise, just ask her!
  2. Send Invitations – Whether you’re sending invitations via snail mail or e-mail, don’t forget to include an RSVP date and number as well as directions or map to the party!
  3. Buy Decorations – Baby shower decorating is easier when you shop online! You’ll want to order everything early so that it can ship in plenty of time. If you’re running out of time, you can also shop at a local supply store, but you might be limited to what you can find. Don’t forget banners, cake decorations, tableware, shower activities, balloons and other key décor items for your theme.
  4. Menu Planning – If you’re hosting a casual event, plan a menu of light h’ourderves and desserts. The menu will also need to be planned around the time of the day, if you’re hosting a baby shower mid-morning, plan for a brunch!

4 to 6 Weeks before the Shower:

  1. Check with Non-RSVP’s – It’s important to make sure you have enough food for everyone in attendance, but you don’t want anything to go to waste either! If you’re missing RSVP’s, call and ask if they’re planning to attend the shower.
  2. Order the Cake, Flowers, etc. – Visit a local baker or grocery store to place your cake order so that they have plenty of time to plan ahead. This is also the time to order flowers from your local florist to ensure they have the stems you want when you need them.
  3. Gather Game Necessities – Collect everything needed for games and activities in advance so that nothing is missing the day of. You’ll want to do this after your RSVP list is finalized.

The Week before the Shower:

  1. Designate a Photographer – If you’re not planning to hire a photographer, ask someone attending to take pictures of the event. You’ll want to pick someone well adept at using a camera.
  2. Clean, Clean, Clean – This is only applicable if you’re planning to host the event at home. Please, thoroughly clean your home, especially the bathrooms!
  3. Last Minute Shopping – Double check in advance of the party to see if you’re missing anything at all for the party (Non- perishable ingredients, thank you cards, game supplies, decorations, etc.).

Two to Three Days Before:

  1. Grocery Shop for Perishable Foods

One to Two Days Before:

  1. Last Minute Cleaning Touch-Ups
  2. Clear Space for the Party – Now is the time to rearrange furniture and set-up tables and chairs for the event. This is also a great time to decorate for the party or you can leave decorating to the night before the event.

The Day of the Shower:

  1. Pick up the Cake
  2. Relax and have fun!

Tiny Hands Pregnancy Gift Book

A special pregnancy gift book written by Leanne Stevenson, President of Best Baby Shower, Inc.

“By far, ‘Tiny Hands’ is one of the most valuable gifts to an expectant mom. Being allowed to glimpse the breathtaking wonder of life from the moment of conception through ‘Tiny Hands’, has the potential to change the world.” ~ Lysa TerKeurst, New York Times best selling author & speaker.

God has a plan for each and every baby, long before they enter the world. He carefully orchestrated each baby’s development and watches over him or her in the womb. Inside this touching book, awaits breathtaking photography from inside the womb, demonstrating the miraculous creation of life through a baby’s development, complemented by relevant scriptures.

Congratulations on your pregnancy! The next nine months will be one of the most exciting journeys of your life. It will be filled with hope, joy, anticipation, and many other emotions too numerous to mention!

Inside these pages you will find a brief description of your baby’s development each month. Be in awe of the breathtaking photography that shows what a miraculous creation your little one is, and how quickly he grows and changes. You will also read specific and relevant scripture that correlates to how your baby is developing.

There is also a booklet version of this book that has a special introduction and conclusion for women facing crisis pregnancies. If you have a heart for the miracle of life and would like to help women in these situations, please visit our website to see how you can purchase these booklets or donate to this worthy cause.

Pregnancy Mom Gifts Ideas

Congratulations on your pregnancy! We have a great selection of unique pregnancy gifts that include announcements and ultrasound frames to celebrate this wonderful experience. Get started on a great time with your friends and family when you start creating memories and sharing this amazing event with them. We have items for all occasions, from classic baby books for mom and dad to journals, picture frames, and more!

Get great pregnancy gifts for friends, family, or even yourself and start the wonderful time off right. Having a baby is one of the biggest parts of a person’s life, and it is something that people should go through with the support of their loved ones. This is a happy time for everyone in an expectant mother’s life, so start sharing the joy and connect with people today! Even the smallest gesture can go far.

Product of Superior Genes Ultrasound Sonogram Frame


First Peek Ultrasound and Welcome Baby Frame


Product of Superior Genes Ultrasound Sonogram Frame
Sweet Baby Pregnancy and Ultrasound Frame
First Peek Ultrasound and Welcome Baby Frame
Miracle Keepsake Ultrasound Sonogram Poetry Frame


Weeks Until Baby - Countdown Chalkboard


Grandbaby Ultrasound Sonogram Keepsake Frame with Poetry


Miracle Keepsake Ultrasound Sonogram Poetry Frame
Weeks Until Baby – Countdown Chalkboard
Grandbaby Ultrasound Sonogram Keepsake Frame with Poetry
Baby Words Ultrasound Photo Magnets


Boyds Mommy to Be Pregnancy Bear


Expecting Striped Pregnancy Journal


Baby Words Ultrasound Photo Magnets
Boyds Mommy to Be Pregnancy Bear
Expecting Striped Pregnancy Journal